Predictive Maintenance


Industrial Sensors: Vibration, Sonic, Density, Humidity, Temperature


Remaining Useful Life
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Manufacturing Excellence & Quality


PLC, SCADA, OT Environment


Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE)
Manufacturing Quality
Real-time Alert
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Edge Vision


IP Cameras
Surveillance Systems
Image/Video feed


Assembly Process Adherence
Parts Quality Inspection
Health and Safety in Factory
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At ConnectedThinks, we build innovative and cost-effective digital solutions for Industrial 4.0 problems leveraging the best of technological, cost and scalability advancements in PLCs Edge Connect, Edge compute, Cloud infrastructure, Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning.

ConnectedThinks Overview 

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ConnectedThinks solutions explained. Learn how we can add value to your business. 

Predictive Maintenance Whitepaper 

Learn more about our Predictive Maintenance solution.

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Condition Based Monotoring

Condition Based Monitoring Condition Based Monitoring is a maintenance strategy that allows to monitor the

Prognostic maintenance

Prognostic Maintenance Prognostic maintenance (also known as condition-based maintenance, predictive maintenance, or simply prognostics) is the

Different business problems demand varied solutions and there is no once-size-fits-all.
ConnectedThinks provides technology solutions, engineering consultation & services for the below areas. We also build products for specific verticals which are discussed later.

Edge Intelligence 

ConnectedThinks Edge Intelligence is a middleware compatile with various Linux OS based SBCs and edge gateway devices.  


We build solutions. We have built ready-to-deploy solutions and use-cases for manufacturing and construction. 

Data Platform & Applications

Data platform is built as a set of Microservices which are containerized and can run on any supported system or Kubernetes. These are fully contained, without external dependencies, enabling deployments in private networks, on-prem or in the cloud. 


Predictive Maintenance

Leverage our pre-built ML models for use-cases like anomaly detection, trend detection. Connect to Cloud APIs for object-detection or build your own ML models with ML Lab. 


Getting meaningful RoI from Industrial IoT efforts often seems daunting and complex. These are not complex because they demand complex high-end technologies, but since they demand diverse technologies, skillsets and your existing business-domain expertise to work in cohesion!


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