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The role of data and analytics has changed, from being a stand-alone discipline to becoming a catalyst for digital strategy and transformation. Data and analytics leaders should create a strategy and operating model that conceives data-driven business opportunities and orchestrates enterprise action.

Gartner Report
Industrial Edge Middleware
  • Connect with Industrial Machinery, PLC, SCADA through Siemens S7, Profinet, Ethernet/IP, Modbus, Serial, etc. 
  • Connect Industrial Sensors such as  Pyrometers, Sonic, Vibration, Humidity, Temperature, Density Sensors
  • Edge Intelligence for local compute, storage and ML inference
  • Connect to cloud or on-prem data-plane through MQTT or OPC-UA
IoT Gateway Remote Management
  • Connect Remotely to IoT Gateways and Edge device 
  • Web based SSH access to your IoT Gateway from anywhere in the world!
  • Manage applications, firmware upgrades and more.
  • Securely remote access local apps hosted on the IoT Gateway behind DHCP (non-static-IP) through HTTPS
  • User-control over enable/disabling remote access
ConnectedThinks Data Platform
  • Hosted MQTT Broker – High performance and low latency 
  • Scale from Giga-Bytes to Peta-Bytes with support for multiple on-prem, cloud and managed analytics databases – Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL, AWS S3, Google BigQuery, Azure Synapse, etc. 
  • Docker-ized & Container-ized! Kubernetes ready
  • REST APIs for accessing platform features and the analytics data  
BI Analytics
  • Add multiple dashboards based on use-case
  • Add Dashboard elements, drag-drop-resize to control visual aspects
  • Element Builder to build dashboard elements. SQL query explorer & builder to fetch data, choose from multiple visual elements – Linear, Bar, Maps, KPI Gauge, Sparklines, etc
  • Connect Dashboard elements with real-time data monitor
Data Labs
  • Flows Lab is a hosted Node-Red  flow based programming. This drastically reduces the time to data integrate to existing enterprise apps – such as ERP and CRM systems
  • ML Lab is a hosted JupyterHub application. Leverage pre-built ML pipelines or develop custom ones. 
  • All data-lab application are managed by ConnectedThinks security, authorization and authentication layer to enable fine-grain access to employees and admin staff.