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The role of data and analytics has changed, from being a stand-alone discipline to becoming a catalyst for digital strategy and transformation. Data and analytics leaders should create a strategy and operating model that conceives data-driven business opportunities and orchestrates enterprise action.

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Industrial data platform

The ConnectedThinks Industrial data platform is capable of connecting to multiple industrial data sources, correlating and transforming the data into useful insights, and helping improve the efficiency of your industrial business.
It offers the ability to connect to industrial machinery and sensors, normalize data over the edge, enrich→ transform → aggregate → correlate data within the data-platform to build various data-analytics use-cases and applications such as OEE, anomaly detection, trend prediction, predictive maintenance and energy optimization.
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It offers a modern technology stack, built-to-scale to ingest and process high-speed, high-density, and real-time industrial data. Its functionality could be split into 3 primary parts Data-ingest, the data-transform-&-store, and the data-query part.
  • Data-ingest

    This consists of a high-performant MQTT broker and a highly-scalable, multi-cluster Kafka messaging queue which together can ingest and process data at a very high speed.
  • Data-transform-&-storage

    This offering is built on top of Kafka KSQLdb and Apache Spark with real-time data transformation and the ability to integrate real-time machine-learning predictions for anomaly detection and other predictive maintenance tasks. The platform offers out-of-the-box connectors to store data on almost any database, data warehouse, or even into S3-storage compatible data lakes with efficient storage formats like PARQUET and AVRO.
  • Data-query

    This offering consists of multiple custom-built connectors to various SQL and pseudo-SQL databases and storages along with highly-scalable PRESTO (a.k.a prestodb)
Together it forms a complete Industry 4.0 offering for data intelligence and integration. The entire offering is built with microservices and dockerized to make it suitable for deployment on-prem, private-cloud, or public cloud like AWS, Azure, or Google.
The edge-connectors suite is a middleware deployable on ARM or X86-based Industrial edge IoT gateways. It enables quick connection and rapid onboarding of various assets such as machinery, sensors, asset trackers, Bluetooth beacons, and IP Video streams as well as OT assets such as PLC, SCADA, CNC, and HMI – to name a few. It offers secure device management and remote connection. Edge Drivers
ConnectedThinks platform offers a custom-built visualization engine, built from the ground up to serve the specific requirements of industrial operations which demand a combination of real-time diagnostic monitoring for high-speed data, a SCADA-like monitoring system with visual aids and historical data analytics with data ranging from a few weeks to couple years.
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It is built on top of front-end REACT-js libraries along with authentication and fine-grain access authorization to deliver a secure web portal that is accessible from any corner of the world. The platform is also pre-integrated with Apache Superset and offers embedded dashboards as well as quick drag-and-drop data exploration. The prestodb query engine ODBC connectors enable you to import and explore data from your existing BI solutions such as Tableau, Looker, PowerBI, etc,.
Vision and Sound are 2 important systems for inspection in industrial environments. ConnectedThinks offers ML-based solutions built with data from relatively cheaper IP surveillance cameras and microphones. These help to become the Eyes and Ears for your industrial setup.
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Industrial AI Vision

This enables processing video from hundreds of industrial IP cameras and transforming these into actionable analytics. It consists of a Image and Video pipeline, multiple GPU-optimized ML libraries running over a NVidia GPU enabled edge device such as Jetson Nano/Xavier.Orin, etc. and remote management software. The main components include –
  • Pre-trained ML libraries

    I. Object-detection built for custom use-cases such as pallet-detection in warehouses or personal protection equipment (PPE) detection in construction sites or glove-detection in process industries etc II. Optical Character Recognition & number plate detection III. Face Recognition & identification
  • Vision ML Pipeline

    This enables capturing images for ML training and versioning and deployment of ML models
  • for inference
Industrial Edge Middleware
  • Connect with Industrial Machinery, PLC, SCADA through Siemens S7, Profinet, Ethernet/IP, Modbus, Serial, etc. 
  • Connect Industrial Sensors such as  Pyrometers, Sonic, Vibration, Humidity, Temperature, Density Sensors
  • Edge Intelligence for local compute, storage and ML inference
  • Connect to cloud or on-prem data-plane through MQTT or OPC-UA
IoT Gateway Remote Management
  • Connect Remotely to IoT Gateways and Edge device 
  • Web based SSH access to your IoT Gateway from anywhere in the world!
  • Manage applications, firmware upgrades and more.
  • Securely remote access local apps hosted on the IoT Gateway behind DHCP (non-static-IP) through HTTPS
  • User-control over enable/disabling remote access
ConnectedThinks Data Platform
  • Hosted MQTT Broker – High performance and low latency 
  • Scale from Giga-Bytes to Peta-Bytes with support for multiple on-prem, cloud and managed analytics databases – Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL, AWS S3, Google BigQuery, Azure Synapse, etc. 
  • Docker-ized & Container-ized! Kubernetes ready
  • REST APIs for accessing platform features and the analytics data  
BI Analytics
  • Add multiple dashboards based on use-case
  • Add Dashboard elements, drag-drop-resize to control visual aspects
  • Element Builder to build dashboard elements. SQL query explorer & builder to fetch data, choose from multiple visual elements – Linear, Bar, Maps, KPI Gauge, Sparklines, etc
  • Connect Dashboard elements with real-time data monitor
Data Labs
  • Flows Lab is a hosted Node-Red  flow based programming. This drastically reduces the time to data integrate to existing enterprise apps – such as ERP and CRM systems
  • ML Lab is a hosted JupyterHub application. Leverage pre-built ML pipelines or develop custom ones. 
  • All data-lab application are managed by ConnectedThinks security, authorization and authentication layer to enable fine-grain access to employees and admin staff.  

Vision ML/AI Solutions

ConnectedThinks offers a set of pre-built and configured solutions for specific industrial use cases. These solutions are specifically designed to be deployed within an industrial premise and can work with generic IP surveillance cameras for the input video feed. Now you can easily and conveniently convert any of your IP camera feed into AI and ML-enabled data insight which you can utilize to identify operational conditions and optimize the industrial process. Combined with the ConnectedThinks data platform, you have a complete solution to not only identify objects in the camera but also build business logic to automate processes and gather valuable data insights through analytics.

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Vision ML/AI Pipeline

ConnectedThinks offers tools and servies to build custom Machine Learning algorithms which can identify and detect custom objects as well as implement a business logic which suits the problem at hand. Such a process involves curating multiple images, labeling, training the ML model iteratively until the expected precision is attained, optimizing the model and deploying it on custom edge devices as described below.

5G Private/Campus Network Ready for Manufacturing & Industrial Deployment 

5G in manufacturing is an evolving area and promises significant advantages to factories. Wireless networking infrastructure and low latency possibilities mean that you can easily scale your data collection and analysis operations. Key advantages are realized in Predictive Maintenance, AR and VR, Asset tracking and Vision AI based Safety and Security. ConnectedThinks offers a ready-to-deploy Industrial data-platform for 5G Private networks. In addition, you can leverage our technical and business consulting to maximize your returns on Industrial IoT project and 5G Campus communication systems - business consulting, project management, concept development, specific software developments, hardware specification and selection

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