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Vision ML/AI Solutions

ConnectedThinks offers a set of pre-built and configured solutions for specific industrial use cases. These solutions are specifically designed to be deployed within an industrial premise and can work with generic IP surveillance cameras for the input video feed. Now you can easily and conveniently convert any of your IP camera feed into AI and ML-enabled data insight which you can utilize to identify operational conditions and optimize the industrial process. Combined with the ConnectedThinks data platform, you have a complete solution to not only identify objects in the camera but also build business logic to automate processes and gather valuable data insights through analytics.

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Vision ML/AI Pipeline

ConnectedThinks offers tools and servies to build custom Machine Learning algorithms which can identify and detect custom objects as well as implement a business logic which suits the problem at hand. Such a process involves curating multiple images, labeling, training the ML model iteratively until the expected precision is attained, optimizing the model and deploying it on custom edge devices as described below.