5G Private Networks in Manufacturing

5G offers the low latency, high reliability, and high bandwidth demanded by manufacturing processes. Though not yet ready to fully orchestrate production manufacturing processes, it is rapidly evolving. A very insightful event by 5G Manufacturing Forum! Thank you to all the organizers of this event. (https://www.5gmanufacturingforum.com/) Here are a few key takeaways – Key use-cases for 5G in manufacturing Predictive Maintenance: Simply put, catch errors before they lead to downtime and loss. AR and VR: Reduce the cost and duration of training new staff and conduct remote maintenance.  Asset tracking: Reduce loss due to idling or lost assets.  Security and operation

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hannover messe

Hannover Messe May 2022

Hannover Messe 2022 PRESS RELEASE ConnectedThinks™- industrial IoT simplified! Locixx® GmbH is an Industrial IoT data solutions company, headquartered in Ismaning/Germany offering machine learning based data analytics solutions for the manufacturing and machinery industry. From India and Germany, we provide our industrial IoT software solutions and services offering to the global industrial enterprise customer market. A manufacturing environment generates large quantities of digital data – starting from inventory, logistics, production data, operational data, etc generated by various factory machines, sensors, on-ground staff, ERP and CRM systems. While this data holds information and insights critical for business, manually searching for these

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Bosch DNA NXT Jan 2022

ConnectedThinks was awarded the Top 3 engagement awards in Bosch DNA NXT 2021 Program ConnectedThinks Bosch DNA NXT Program Dec-2021 by Ameet Kalagi

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