We are looking for co-founders, who would love the challenge of a startup and also be patient to reap the rewards of ownership through equity, until the company makes a mark. 

Working in a startup is fun…  challenging but fun. You can question anything and everything and there isnt any big-boss who is always watching over you. That might sound scary to some. If it doesnt, do reach out and let us explore if we could work together to build something awesome!

Looking for people with skills in any of the below – 

  • Engineering
    • Hardware 
    • Embedded 
    • Software
    • Low-power
    • Architecting cloud applications with AWS, Azure or Google Cloud Platform
    • Design
  • Product management
    • Concept to Design to Market
  • Sales and Business Development

Anyone with skills in any combination of above, but with the fire to create something awesome do write to us!