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Construction 4.0

Employing Digital transformation in Construction means smarter asset tracking - from shovels to fork-lifts, better and safer working conditions and faster operations through AR,VR and ML.

Asset Tracking
  • Connect with Beacons using Bluetooth Low Energy, RFID, LoRa, SigFox or any other wireless technology. We help in identifying the right sensors, wireless technology for your use case. 
  • Leverage our device and network partners to deploy a wireless network suited to your environment – such as mining, construction site, etc
  • Track asset usage, Vehicle Fleet Usage & Heavy Machinery, tools, etc
  • Improve asset utilization
Asphalt temperature monitoring
  • Continuous Asphalt temperature monitoring through Industrial grade pyrometer
  • Onsite monitor for operating personnel
  • Automated alerting (Email, SMS, HTTP endpoint), when temperature falls below threshold, and reports.
  • Detect opened silos & and flowing asphalt based on temperature variations
  • Decect usage of safety helment and harnesses
  • Ensure safety standards compliance
  • Employ vision based solution to detect people in un-safe zones or potential hazards
  • Ensure safe working conditions – employ sensors to detect harmful gases or particle matter in air.
  • Implement safety processes – generate audible or visible safety alarms when a specified process is not adhered to.