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Connect Machines & Sensors
  • Connect with Industrial Machinery, PLC, SCADA through Siemens S7, Profinet, Ethernet/IP, Modbus, Serial, etc. 
  • Connect Industrial Sensors such as  Pyrometers, Sonic, Vibration, Humidity, Temperature, Density Sensors
  • Edge Intelligence for local compute, storage and ML inference
  • Connect to cloud or on-prem data-plane through MQTT or OPC-UA

Use Cases

Inventory Management

Loss of prodcution due to inadequate inventory, or extra costs to carry excess inventory need to be managed and losses reduced

Quality control

Track and map quality levels to individual production line, scale the efforts of a highly experienced inspector through employing analytics, AI and ML

Equipment productivity

Monitor Overall Equipment Efficiency - reduce breakdowns, run at optimal speeds, reduce rejects.

Operator productivity

Use systematic data-driven approach to identify and solve operator issues like improper interface or HMI, work environment, tools-proximity, ergonomics, training level and importantly operator safety

Condition of equipment

Reduce electrical power consumption by reducing losses, reduce wear and tear, unplanned maintenance and downtimes through monitoring key parameters such as Vibration, Power consumption, Temperature, Hinidity, Oil-density