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Monitoring and Keeping track of ROI in solar and wind installations can be daunting! The project deployments could easily span across multiple sites and employ diverse equipment from differnt vendors - inverters, motors, environmental sensors, energy meters etc
Well, no more! ConnectedThinks Solar and Wind Energy monitoring makes it simple to connect all you site and equipment together with one single control!

A remote monitoring solution to take control of parameters like power generated in a day, efficiency and total energy accumulated. Also keep track of your clustered and distributed assets and their  status – inverters, energy meters, generators, motors, vibration analysis, temperature, etc – to predict maintenance activities and prevent failures.

Enterprise portal to view the statistics, analyse data, setup alerts and notifications and more...

Enterprise Portal
Monitor Power
Peak Power, Efficiency, Active Sunlight Time and more...
Monitor Energy across days
Average Sunlight duration
Monitor energy across weeks,months, years
Connect multiple and diverse equipment
Get Notifications delivered to Email , SMS
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